Why us?

We brought to you, from the heart of Iranian myths, the most genuine and dreamy taste of caviar. The genuineness of every product is rooted in its history and identity. We believe taste is not limited to what is felt by tongue. We carve the true taste in your mind and heart through the most creative way. In the competitive world today, choice is the only way to tell wrong from right. The choice is yours anyway. You deserve the most genuine tastes and the most memorable moments.

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Beluga & Baeri Pack
Also known as “Huso Huso”. Farmed with Iranian expertise on the banks of the Caspian Sea . BELUGA produces the very largest eggs with a firm texture and buttery flavor. An explosion of taste by the most prestigious caviar.
Acipenser Gueldenstaedtii, Huso Huso
Egg Size
2,7 to 3 mm, 3,2 to 3,5 mm
Bold, nutty, firm and juicy, Buttery and creamy
Golden to bronze, Ranging in color from light gray to black
30g in each pack


1 Pkg